Best -Selling Drinking Game With Friends.

The classic block stacking game with a drinking twist!

A fun drinking game where you pull the block, hope you don’t have to drink and then attempt to stack it back on top without tipping it over as you get tipsy yourself. The rules are basic. Blocks are stacked 3 to a row and each row up they are placed in the opposite direction. Rotation starts clockwise. First person pulls a block from the tower minimum third row or further down from the the top and only using one hand. Everyone follows what it says then attempt to put it back on top all while using one hand. As far as what happens to the person that knocks over the tower well thats up to the house. Although we suggest drinking. Lots of drinking.


The Best Drinking Game!

Drinka is the ultimate game for any party or get together! It is simple to get started and tons of fun to play.

  • 48 high quality wooden blocks.
  • 1 of 9 different rules printed on each block.
  • Variations Include: Story Time, Moose, Make A Rule, God, Most Likely To, Nicknames.
  • Will you be the last one standing?

The Best Party Game For Adults!